Raúl Sousa_APLO
Testimony Raúl Sousa 1024 1024 Marechal1551

Testimony Raúl Sousa

“The Virtual Office service allows an easy and convenient management of APLO’s headquarters. Whenever necessary, and according to our needs, we request one of the rooms in the House. Marechal 1551 is a high quality space, very welcoming and pleasant. The exterior garden and the auditorium are unique and very useful spaces. “

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Natália Rodrigues
Testimony Natália Rodrigues 1024 1024 Marechal1551

Testimony Natália Rodrigues

“In my case, as I work on my own and at home, the virtual office at Marechal 1551 allows me a certain privacy regarding the professional contacts I establish with my clients. I recommend Marechal 1551’s virtual office service for its efficiency, total availability, and the friendliness of its collaborators!”

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Foto_Iain Buchanan
Testimony Iain Buchanan 600 600 Marechal1551

Testimony Iain Buchanan

“Efficient virtual office service at a fair price. It allows you to have a permanent address to receive correspondence and facilitates logistical issues such as invoicing”

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Testimony Jorge Correia 1024 1024 Marechal1551

Testimony Jorge Correia

“The service of virtual office of Marechal 1551 allows me to have a prestigious professional address. I would 100% recommend this service which I would highlight for its care, attention, availability, and speed of response.”

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